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Take your education and training programs to the next level

Understanding pig farming practice is a must for any professional working on a farm or providing hardware and services to farming businesses.


If you are responsible for learning programs, you look for efficient and validated ways to educate your employees or customers. Whether you're on a corporate HR level, or an external training or consultancy agency. And you certainly don't want to reinvent the wheel all the time.


Pig Signals is proven and independant
Pig Signals is based on scientific knowledge, but that science is made practically applicable in daily management. That's the key for succesful implementation!
The (online) books are great as reference guides. Thousands of farmers, suppliers and consultants are already working with this independant and proven knowledge to improve farming results every day.


Valuable resource for training

The Pig Signals (online) book is an easy and validated resource for (self)studying all the basic practical Pig management knowledge.

This enables you to dedicate more interactive time with your trainees and to dive deeper and add more value!


Great daily reference guide

Pig Signals is also great as a reference guide for people in daily practice. When they come across situations during their jobs, they can consult Pig Signals for a quick answer.


Improve specific knowledge
The management at a pig farm is often divided into specific focus areas, providing pigs at certain stages of there lives with the best care they need. Besides Pig Signals, the general edition, we offer specific knowledge about the management at those stages. Our theme-editions Sows, Piglets and Finishing Pigs will deepen the knowledge and provide the user with specific tools to manage the animals at that stage.


We can provide you with:


  • Your own set of branded (online) Pig Signals books
    We can customize Pig Signals (online) books for you. Your company logo on the front and back cover, a front cover design in your own house style or your own content section can be added to the book. You can also insert your own foreword. This will add a personal touch your employees and trainees.

  • Pig Signals online books in your digital library
    We can create your own digital library for your employees or trainees to access Pig Signals any time any place. Or we can create a secure link to your own company library to access Pig Signals.

  • Unlimited acces to all our pig content
    To a yearly subscription fee, we can make all our pig content digitally available to your employees or trainees. This includes 5 Pig Signals© online books in 16 languages, but also our available pigfarming general e-learning courses.

  • Pig Signals Train-The-Trainer program
    If you really want to contribute to transferring Pig Signals knowledge in practice, we can educate you in becoming a Certified Pig Signals Trainer. As a Pig Signals Trainer, you will be an expert in transferring the knowledge and really helping people achieving the best results.

We are open to discuss any needs and requirements you come up with and see how we can help you amplify your educational services.


Our guarantees 

  • More than 500+ satisfied businesses have already preceded you!

  • We work with verified experts in over 50 countries; 

  • Translation is possible into any desired language

  • Our content is science based, but practically applicable at all levels in the pig chain


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