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E-learning and training

Online knowledge transfer made easy

Learning is not about sending information, it's about using the right tools to really transfer the knowledge and make it endure. 

We offer e-learning courses at different levels, based on our practical Signals content. Combined with online support and/or live training, we offer the best possible blended learning solution to develop people and add value to the agricultural business worldwide.


Log on and get going!
To enrol participants to the online courses, you simply buy the amount of logins you need and log them on to our platform. Once a participant logs on, the course login is valid for one year.


Your own platform
It’s also possible to have your own branded custom version of our e-learning platform with user accounts. We can auto-renew the subscription for your users every year and add different courses to each user as desired. We can create and add company-specific online courses to your branded platform. Your participants will have a full learning experience.


Become a Signals trainer
Are you responsible for training large groups of customers or employees? Our train-the-trainer programs offer companies and organisations the possibility to become experts in transferring our knowledge to customers and employees. 

Please contact us to learn how you can become a qualified Signals trainer!

Advantages for you

✔️ Train your staff or clients faster and better


✔️ Train time and place independent with our online modules


✔️ Train more people with a validated program


✔️ Train more effective and active with practical e-learning cases


✔️ Track progress and guide participants, test their knowledge and provide certificates


✔️ Strengthen your brand with your custom online learning environment


✔️ Add your own learning modules to the platform



Our guarantees

  • More than 500+ satisfied businesses have already preceded you!
  • We work with verified experts in over 50 countries; 
  • Translation possible into any desired language
  • Our content is science based, but practically applicable at all levels in the chain


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