Even though you are a professional, you know these situations that you want to check if you are right in what you see and think. How wonderful to have our (online) book to consult and refresh your knowledge. Our Signals (online) books are your comprehensive guides to help get better results within your own business.


Over 2 million happy users worldwide
During the past 25 years, we've published more than 200 (online) books in over 40 different languages. These (online) books are being used in over 50 countries by more than 2 million professionals.
Our mission is to make scientific knowledge practically applicable. And that's exactly how our practical reference guides are designed. Based on daily farming processes, including practical guidelines and insights to really improve management.

Whether you are in livestock farming or crop farming, our (online) books will help you discover suboptimal conditions and guide you towards improvement. The content is highly visual and easy to understand. That's why farmers, suppliers, consultants and educational intstitutes across the globe use it as their manual for farm management.



Our Signals-concept is the foundation of all our (online) books. 

This concept is based on three basic questions: 


1. What do I see (hear, feel, smell, taste)? What’s the signal? (LOOK)

2. How did this happen? What’s the explanation? (THINK)

3. What am I supposed to do? Is it okay or should I take action? (ACT)


The true art is learning to see, interpret and correctly respond to the signals you come across in practical situations.


A valuable gift to your customers
Our (online) books are being used by lots of suppliers as a valuable gift to their customers. We can provide you with a stock of printed or online books. And we can fully customize them to your needs:

  • Your company logo on the front and back cover
  • A full cover design in your own house style
  • Your own promotional pages added to the (online) book
  • Your own foreword and/or a section dedicated to your company
  • A company online bookshop, to be integrated into your website

Upgrade your learning services

If you are responsible for trainging programs, you look for efficient and validated ways to educate your employees or customers. Whether you're on a corporate HR level, or an external training or consultancy agency. And you certainly don't want to reinvent the wheel all the time. Our (online) books are a great base for learning and training activities and are being used to that purpose in many projects across the globe.


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