The true art is learning to see, interpret and correctly respond to the signals you come across in practical situations.


Our Signals concept is your compass to better results. Use the Signals content to improve farm management, help your clients or train people working in the business. 


Scientific foundation
Animal and crop science are the foundation to our Signals concept. We work with independent, leading experts in the world.

We transfer those scientific insights into practically applicable knowledge and content. Based on situations a farmer encouters on a daily basis. Because the farming process is the basis to our concept, the Signals content can directly be applied by farmers and everyone working with them. 

A significant improvement in daily management and output will be the result.




All content in our Signals concept is based on three basic questions: 


1. What do I see (hear, feel, smell, taste)? What’s the signal? (LOOK)

2. How did this happen? What’s the explanation? (THINK)

3. What am I supposed to do? (ACT)


If you only look at technical data (daily growth, feed intake, water use, losses, etc.), you might miss important signals that indicate sub-optimal perfomance. So, always use all your senses. Embed this in your daily routine.


Does this apply to you?

  • You want to be be the best farm manager your animals or crops could wish for
  • You want to train your farm staff in achieving the best possible results 
  • You want help clients achieving optimal returns in their daily management
  • You want your employees to be a practical sparring partner to your customers
  • You want to make sure you have impact in your training and consultancy activities

Then the Signals concept is your go-to. Applying the knowledge provided will give you the tools to pick up signals better and more consciously. Learn what normal behaviour is by looking at it as often and as objectively as possible. Once you know what’s normal, you will be able to recognise abnormalities and prevent operational blindness.That's where the profit begins!