2019-2022 GITAH Porcino Optimizing the Argentine Pig Chain

GITAH Porcino is a Partners in Business (PIB) project in Argentina, supported bij the Dutch Government in close cooperation with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Roodbont Publishers is member of the GITAH cluster of companies, active in the pig production industry. The goal of GITAH is to help the Argentine pig sector optimize their production, taking into account technical innovations, sustainability goals and knowledge transfer. Practical management and training solutions will be developed to help the Argentine pig industry utilize the opportunities the region and world market have to offer.



November 2020 – Potato Signals Africa

In the need for quality educational material on the topic of potato cultivation within Africa, Roodbont Publishers developed a new edition of Potato Signals. It has been adapted to fit the local circumstances in Africa. The publication Potato Signals is worldwide respected material. This edition of Potato Signals was developed and produced for the benefit of the African potato growers in assignment of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Nairobi. All books were printed locally and delivered in different countries, Ghana, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda. To be used during potato farmers training sessions. In total 2,500 copies of the English edition were delivered in the project, followed by 1,000 copies of the Kiswahili edition.


Previously similar projects on Potato Signals have been realized in Myanmar, Indonesia, Argentina, Russia, Ukrain and China.


October 2019 - Poultry Signals Africa

For this project, the bestselling book Poultry Signals was completely adapted to African farming circumstances. In total 1,000 copies were produced and distributed for free at the fair Poultry Africa in Rwanda, October 2019. The aim was to have practical knowledge available for the growing poultry industry in Africa. The initiative for this project came from Dutch Poultry Centre and VIV worldwide. Followed by additional partners: Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Rwanda, Hendrix Genetics, Vencomatic Group, Salmet and Big Dutchman.


December 2019 - Poultry Signals and Cow Signals - Zoetis Alpha/Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Roodbont Publishers created posters and books for the benefit of training in Tanzania, during a livestock project by Zoetis Alpha, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In total 500 copies of Poultry Signals African edition and Cow Signals Basics East African edition were used to train local farmers and veterinarians. The project was carried out in close cooperation with governmental authorities, NGO’s and private partners. The training was aimed at improving and supporting livestock management in the rural communities in Tanzania.


DIFS Live - Broiler Signals  and  Cow Signals Bahasa Indonesia

The DIFS Live project was carried out from 2014-2018. It focused on the development of the poultry and dairy sub-sectors in West Java. The goal of DIFS Live was to develop viable models for domestic production and the supply of affordable, nutritious and safe animal-based products. A substantial part of the project consisted of training local farmers. For this training, Roodbont Publishers developed a special edition of both the Broiler Signals and Cow Signals book. These editions were not just translated, but adapted to local circumstances and opportunities. Over 3,000 copies of the books were printed and distributed in Indonesia. This project was powered by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and several Dutch private companies. 


Bio Food Kenya 2018 – Cow Signals Basics East Africa

A project for the private owned milk processing company Bio Food in Kenya. To improve milk production and quality of their small holder farmers, a training program has been developed in cooperation with Roodbont Publishers. It involved a customized book Cow Signals Basics East Africa, including SOP’s on milking with infosheets, posters and a power point to be used by the trainers. All to the benefit of 700 Kenyan small scale farmers.